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PlayStation Plus Free Games For November Leaked

As if November wasn't already going to be a big month...

by Jacob Bukacek


Thanks to a brief error earlier today, PlayStation Plus’ marquee titles for PlayStation 4 have been revealed a bit earlier than usual. For shooter fans, there’s Bulletstorm: Full Clip, while those who enjoy a good brawl with their comedy have Yakuza Kiwami. Both are based on relatively old games, but they’re solid titles well worth clearing out a few gigs of hard drive space.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip is the remastered of an uproarious comedy-shooter from People Can Fly, the studio behind games like Painkiller and Gears of War: Judgement. It’s ridiculous plot follows space pirate captain Grayson Hunt as he and his crew fight their way across an abandoned resort planet on a quest to save a friend and exact stylish revenge against the man who wronged him. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to “kill with skill” so as to rack up enough currency to outfit Hunt with as much hardware and skills as possible. The “Full Clip” edition brings the game up to modern graphical standards and adds Duke Nukem as a playable character for the campaign. He’s not treated as Duke by any of the other characters, but it still works for the most part.

Yakuza Kiwami is less of a remaster and more of a remake for the very first game in the series. Fresh out of prison, Kazuma Kiryu has to find his way in the world again while also taking care of a young girl named Haruka and trying to find his missing childhood friend. Along the way, he’ll have to engage in many street fights and find himself at the center of the out and out wacky situations the series is known for.

With this remake, Sega attempted to incorporate everything it’s learned throughout the series’ development. It doesn’t quite pull the transformation off without a hitch, but Yakuza Kiwami makes for a great jumping-in point for the series. Definitely give it a try if Sony doesn’t decide to change November’s PlayStation Plus lineup now that it’s been revealed a couple of weeks early.

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