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PlayStation Plus Price Increase In South Africa

by Damian Seeto


If you live in South Africa and own a PS4, you might be unhappy to know that the PlayStation Plus membership price has increased.

Sony has informed PlayStation customers in South Africa for the sudden price hike for PlayStation Plus membership and people are not happy. It’s not just a small increase either as the price is around 50 percent more than people paid before. Not to mention you need PlayStation Plus now to be able to play multiplayer PS4 games online.

Sony says a 3 month’s subscription to PlayStation Plus increases from R145 to R219. A 12 month subscription has risen from R489 ($43.38) to R749 ($66.45). The only reason Sony gave is because of “various market conditions”. People in Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey have reported of similar price increases too.

Sony has no current plans to increase the price for the PlayStation Plus service in North America or the UK yet. The same can be said for Australia or New Zealand for that matter. It’s hard to pinpoint why some countries have been targeted, although it could be because Sony needs to earn more money?

I don’t think increasing the price of PlayStation Plus in North America would be the best idea. Gamers over there are already complaining over the price of games in the PlayStation Now service…

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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