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PlayStation Reveals Why European PSVR Demo Disc Has Less Games Than The US

by Dean James


PlayStation VR is almost here with a release in mid-October, with each bundle coming with a special demo disc that will show off some games for the new peripheral. We learned before that the demo disc in Europe would have fewer games than the disc coming in the US, and now we know why.

The PlayStation VR demo disc will definitely be worth giving a try, as many people may not know what kinds of games they want to buy for PSVR at launch. Previously, it was revealed that the US demo disc would have an impressive 18 demos to choose from, including EVE Valkyrie, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and more.

The European demo disc for PSVR on the other hand only offers 8 demos, which is pretty disappointing in comparison. However, we now know why thanks to Digital Spy who was given a reason from a PlayStation spokesperson.

“Due to several considerations specific to our region, for example, age rating and localisation requirements, there is a difference in content between the US and European VR demo discs.”

They also went on to say they are going to explore the possibility of putting these other demos on the PlayStation Store, but gave no further details on that. The demo disc itself will also be available to download from the PlayStation Store, so it would be good for European consumers to have the option to get the others too if possible.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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