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PlayStation Store Racing Flash Sale Coming This Weekend According To Banner

by Dean James


With Sony having three platforms on the market, they are very good at offering deals pretty often through their PlayStation Store. Whether it is a brand new game for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, or PlayStation 4 that just came out, or even a PSOne classic for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, they usually do not disappoint. Sometimes they even have what are known as Flash Sales, which typically last only a few days, usually over a weekend, and have some sort of theme. For those that have been waiting for a new sale, the wait appears to be over.

According to a banner that has shown up sporadically on the PlayStation Store, which can be seen here, a Flash Sale is coming this weekend focused on racing games. However, when you click on the banner currently it will take you to a dead link as seen here, though it may be active by the time you click.

With it already early Friday morning, we should be learning the details of this sale pretty soon, as most of them run from Friday at noon until Monday at noon. That is always subject to change however, so make sure to stay tuned for the full details of the sale as soon as the PlayStation Store reveals them.

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