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PlayStation Store Weekly Sale Features Eclectic Mix Of Games

by Dean James


The PlayStation Store has been on fire so far in 2015, with one solid sale after another. Starting with the PlayStation 20th anniversary themed sale two weeks ago to last week’s, there has been plenty of choices for owners of any PlayStation platform. Now, Sony has revealed their latest sale which features quite the eclectic mix of games, seemingly focused on a few different publishers.

Similar to this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale, there are plenty of EA published games in the mix, including Battlefield 4 at a fantastic price. Bethesda makes a strong showing with a number of games from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, complete with some DLC sales as well. That is far from all, so make sure to check out the full list of sales below that will last through next Monday, February 2.

PlatformTitlePlus PriceRegular SaleOriginal Price
PS4Battlefield 4N/A$13.99$39.99
PS4Battlefield 4 Premium EditionN/A$23.99$49.99
PS4Battlefield 4 Premium Service (Season Pass)N/A$19.99$59.99
PS4EA Sports UFCN/A$23.99$39.99
PS4FIFA 15N/A$29.99$59.99
PS4NBA Live 15N/A$14.99$59.99
PS4Need for Speed Rivals Complete EditionN/A$14.99$59.99
PS4NHL 15N/A$23.99$59.99
PS4Peggle 2N/A$3.99$11.99
PS4Plants vs. Zombies Garden WarfareN/A$9.99$29.99
PS4The Evil WithinN/A$29.99$59.99
PS4Wolfenstein: The New OrderN/A$29.99$59.99
PS3Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (10 Units + 1 Free Unit)N/A$7.49$8.99
PS3Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (50 Units + 10 Free Units)N/A$35.99$44.99
PS3Crysis 2N/A$3.99$19.99
PS3Crysis 3N/A$3.99$19.99
PS3Dishonored The Brigmore WitchesN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Dishonored Void Walker’s ArsenalN/A$2.99$3.99
PS3Dishonored: Dunwall City TrialsN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Dishonored: The Knife of DunwallN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Doom 3 BFG EditionN/A$9.99$19.99
PS3Doom Classic CollectionN/A$7.49$14.99
PS3Dragon Age IIN/A$3.99$19.99
PS3Dragon Age II: LegacyN/A$4.99$9.99
PS3Dragon Age II: Mark Of The AssassinN/A$4.99$9.99
PS3Dragon Age II: The Exiled PrinceN/A$3.49$6.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: AwakeningN/A$4.99$19.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: Leliana’s SongN/A$3.49$6.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: Return to OstagarN/A$2.49$4.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: The Darkspawn ChroniclesN/A$2.49$4.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: The Golems of AmgarrakN/A$2.49$4.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: Warden’s KeepN/A$3.49$6.99
PS3Dragon Age: Origins: Witch HuntN/A$3.49$6.99
PS3Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering IslesN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: DawnguardN/A$13.49$19.99
PS3Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: DragonbornN/A$13.49$19.99
PS3Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: HearthfireN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout 3: Broken SteelN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout 3: Mothership ZetaN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout 3: Operation: AnchorageN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout 3: Point LookoutN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout 3: The PittN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Courier’s StashN/A$1.49$1.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Dead MoneyN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners’ ArsenalN/A$2.99$3.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Honest HeartsN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome RoadN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3Fallout: New Vegas Old World BluesN/A$6.49$9.99
PS3FIFA 15N/A$29.99$59.99
PS3Fight Night ChampionN/A$3.99$19.99
PS3Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningN/A$3.99$19.99
PS3Mirror’s EdgeN/A$3.99$14.99
PS3NCAA Football 14N/A$7.49$29.99
PS3Need for Speed: Most WantedN/A$3.99$19.99
PS3NFL BlitzN/A$3.99$14.99
PS3NHL 15N/A$23.99$59.99
PS3Plants vs. Zombies Garden WarfareN/A$9.99$39.99
PS3Rage: The ScorchersN/A$3.49$4.99
PS3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsN/A$6.00$14.99
PS3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the OozeN/A$16.00$39.99
PS3The Evil WithinN/A$29.99$59.99
PS3Wolfenstein 3DN/A$2.49$4.99
PS3Wolfenstein: The New OrderN/A$29.99$59.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Boatload of Money$25.00N/A$49.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Bowl of Goodies$0.50N/A$0.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Bucket of Diamonds$2.50N/A$4.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Cart of Diamonds$12.50N/A$24.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Coin Purse$0.50N/A$0.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Crate of Coins$2.50N/A$4.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Cup of Diamonds$1.00N/A$1.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Diamond Dumpster$25.00N/A$49.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Drum of Dough$5.00N/A$9.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Kegs of Cash$12.50N/A$24.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Mountain of Munchies$25.00N/A$49.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Picnic Basket$1.00N/A$1.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Piggy Bank$1.00N/A$1.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Slop Trough$2.50N/A$4.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Treasure Chest$5.00N/A$9.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Tub o’ Grub$12.50N/A$24.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Vault of Diamonds$50.00N/A$99.99
PS VitaMy Singing Monsters – Wagon of Chow$5.00N/A$9.99

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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