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More PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Are Coming In Japan On September 24

by Dean James


PlayStation VR is set to release in exactly one month on October 13 and we still really have no idea how the supply will be around launch and following. We’ve seen some consoles and accessories sell out in no time in the past, while others were well supplied. PSVR is likely going to be on the former side, but thankfully some new pre-orders are coming soon, at least in Japan.

Sony held their pre-Tokyo Game Show conference this morning and with it came a number of different games being shown off. PlayStation VR also got quite a focus, showing off plenty of upcoming games for the peripheral, many of which are likely exclusive to Japan.

During this presentation, it was also revealed that Japan has now allocated more pre-orders for PlayStation VR that will be starting on September 24. They did not specify any exact numbers or when on the 24th these extra pre-orders would be going up, but I’d definitely stay tuned if you live in Japan and were hoping to get one pre-ordered.

For those in the US, we really don’t know if there could be anymore pre-orders, but they haven’t announced any thus far. It’s still hard to predict just how sought after PlayStation VR will be, but I’d bank on it being hard to find for awhile, so I’d definitely keep an eye out for anymore possible pre-orders popping up before launch.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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