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Pokemon Go: Kangaskhan Appearing in Anaheim, CA this Weekend Only

by Kyle Hanson


At this point, more than a year after release, most players have filled out a good portion of their Pokemon Go Pokedex. One thing that keeps most players from ever even hoping to complete the whole thing are the regional Pokemon that only appear in specific areas around the world. Kangaskhan is one of these, and is one of the more sought after due to only appearing in Australia. That isn’t the case this weekend though, as it was just revealed that Kangaskhan will be popping up in Anaheim, CA in celebration of the Pokemon World Championships.

Announced during the livestream event, Kangaskhan will only be available in Anaheim, CA from August 18th to the 20th, with the promise of more Tauros spawns as well. “Just for this weekend in the Anaheim area, Kangaskhan will be appearing in the area. And there are also rumors going around that Tauros are appearing in even greater numbers than usual. I hope you all get a chance to catch them.”

We’ve seen Niantic loosening the regional requirements for Pokemon as of late. Events in Europe and Japan have allowed trainers to catch Pokemon that normally would never appear anywhere near them. The US has largely been ignored in this respect though, with just Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago offering anything special, and that was mostly rare spawns that can be found elsewhere in or near the US.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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