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Pokémon GO March Community Day Announced, Will Feature Treecko

These Community Day hours will be based on your local time.

by Dylan Siegler


The next Pokémon GO Community Day has been announced and it is following the trend of every other Community Day focusing on a starter Pokémon. This time, the star of the next Community Day will be the Hoenn region’s Grass-type starter, Treecko.

Niantic recently announced that the next Community Day event will take place on Saturday, March 23. This time, Community Day won’t take place at the same time across various time zones, but instead when the event starts and ends will be based on your local time. Regardless of which time zone you live in, the March 23 Community Day will start at 3:00pm and end at 6:00pm.

As stated earlier, this upcoming Community Day will feature Treecko, making it the first Hoenn starter to get its own Community Day. During the Community Day event, Treecko will spawn much more frequently than normal and there will also be an increased chance of finding a shiny Treecko. Also, any Grovyle that evolves into a Sceptile during the Community Day hours will learn a special move that it can only learn on this Community Day, but what the exclusive move is will be revealed at a later date. Additionally, Lures will last for three hours and Eggs will hatch at one fourth their normal Egg distance during Community Day hours.

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