Pokemon GO: Mega Evolution Changes Everything You Need to Know

Exciting changes to make an excellent feature all the more accessible and rewarding.

by J.R. Waugh


Pokemon GO fans rejoice!  A new update for the mobile game is coming soon which will change how Mega Evolutions are executed!  For those unaware, Mega Evolutions are available for select Pokemon which enables them to be more powerful, along with taking unique forms.  Among the affected Pokemon include the original starters as well as specific Pokemon across multiple generations.  While the ability has previously existed, this update is intended to simplify the mechanic and make it more approachable for players to use.

The update is live in Australia and New Zealand and will go worldwide soon according to Pokemon GO’s Dev Diaries.  Among the changes to the mechanics are the following: Mega Energy, Mega Levels, and Mega Raids.

  • Once you acquire enough Mega Energy, you will be able to Mega Evolve Pokemon over and over again, with each use subject to a cooldown; you can use Mega Energy to reduce the cooldown.  If the cooldown is shorter, it will cost less energy to remove it if you choose to.
  • Each time you Mega Evolve a Pokemon, you’ll gain points toward their Mega Level.  Also, new bonuses will go along with this feature, such as the chance to earn Candy XL if you capture a Pokemon of the same type as your Mega-Evolved Pokemon, as well as increased XP for the same conditions, and a decreased Rest period as your Mega Level grows.
  • Mega Raids will be easier, no longer the second-highest tier difficulty.  The update states “fewer people” but without specifics for recommendations on how many with the new update.

All these changes make for a more exciting, more rewarding experience with Mega Evolution in the game.  Overall this will incentivize using Mega Evolution, which is a mechanic dearly missed by fans of it in the mainline entries, with Gen VIII instead swapping for Dynamax.

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