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Pokémon GO PSA – Burn Drive Genesect Raid Hour Starting Soon

When it begins and how to beat

by Kyle Hanson


The first raid hour of January 2021 is about to begin with Burn Drive Genesect the star of the month. This mythical Pokémon has been available in raids for a few days, but this is the best time to get one if you haven’t already. But to do that you need to know a few things, so here’s a quick PSA all about Burn Drive Genesect raid hour in Pokémon GO for January 2021.

When is Burn Drive Genesect Raid Hour in January 2021

Burn Drive Genesect raid hour will begin at 6pm your local time on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021. For the US that’s just a few hours away so hopefully you’re ready to take him on. If you have your daily free raid pass you can head to almost any local gym and wait for 6pm for Burn Drive Genesect to spawn. If there’s already a raid at the specific gym you need then the new one will be delayed so head to a different one instead or wait. You can also use Remote Raid Passes and invite friends remotely if you need help beating Burn Drive Genesect.

How to Beat Burn Drive Genesect

And once you have a group of trainers you might want to check out our full Burn Drive Genesect raid guide which will break down all the best counters and how to beat him. While you won’t be able to catch a shiny Genesect this time around, he is useful within the PvP meta in some capacity so catching one will be helpful if you’re forming a team. So go through that guide and form a proper team of counters and you can get at least one or a few if you want some choices.

Hopefully this PSA helps you take part and get the most out of Burn Drive Genesect raid hour in Pokémon GO for January 2021.

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