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Pokémon GO – Shiny Alomomola Released for Valentine’s Day 2021

Here's how to get one

by Kyle Hanson


Shiny Pokémon have become a massive part of the gameplay experience in Pokémon GO. So new additions to the roster are typically announced ahead of time, and are usually highly anticipated by the community. But today sees a return to the days of surprise shiny releases with shiny Alomomola hitting Pokémon GO as part of the Valentine’s Day event for 2021. Fans in the early time zones where the event has already begun have confirmed this through various reports. So once it is available in your time zone you can get a shiny Alomomola of your very own.

Of course, that won’t be an easy task. We explain how to catch Alomomola during the Valentine’s Day 2021 event in our guide, but even that doesn’t quite explain the challenge ahead for shiny collectors. The odds of catching a shiny at any point in Pokémon GO are pretty tough. Even on the best day, such as during a shiny boosting event it can only get to the point where a dozen or so encounters will yield one. We don’t yet knoe what the shiny odds are for Alomomola, but they don’t seem to be boosted to Community Day levels, for example.

And even if they are there are only a few limited ways to even find Alomomola during the Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event. Raids and Field Research are all you have available. Wild spawns are occupied by other creatures that are being featured for the Valentine’s Day 2021 event. So you’ve got to find some raids nearby or through remote raids with friends, or you need to get very lucky and get a few of the required Field Research tasks, which we break down in our full guide.

Check it out if you need tips, but it’s just nice to get a big surprise release with shiny Alomomola. Especially with the big Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event coming up.

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