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Pokemon Sun and Moon – Second Global Mission Announced

by Kyle Hanson


One of the fun community features in Pokemon Sun and Moon are the new global missions. These team effort style challenges task the community with a specific goal to complete. The first of these was to catch 100 million Pokemon, a goal which the community fell extremely short of. Now it’s back with a revamped second mission that will hopefully be a bit easier to accomplish.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon second global mission is to use the Island Scan feature. Starting today and going until January 9th, players who enroll in the global mission will have their Island Scan activity tracked. The end goal is for the entire global community to fight or catch one million Pokemon using the Island Scan feature.

This goal seems much more manageable than the 100 million Pokemon of the first global mission. However, there are some hurdles in the way. For one, players can only use the Island Scan feature about once a day, and it requires you to know how to use the QR scanner. See this guide on how to do that.

Also, players still need to enroll in the global mission, and with no in-game notification of the event, many aren’t even aware that it is going on, much less how to enroll in it. To do so, just head to the Festival Plaza, then go inside the castle. Speak with the lady at the desk on the right and she’ll walk you through it.

Once enrolled just follow the earlier linked guide and scan QR codes until you hit the 100 point threshold. Then use Island Scan and go where it directs. Wander around enough and you’ll run into the Pokemon that it is tracking. Catch it or knock it out and you just added one to the million Pokemon goal, at least it will once you go back to the Festival Plaza and sync up at the same desk as before.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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