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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Use the QR Scanner and Island Scan

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Sun and Moon added a bunch of new features to the Pokemon experience. One of the less used, but more important ones is easily the QR Scanner, which allows you to use Island Scan to find rare Pokemon. The reason it’s so underused is likely because it’s kind of hidden, nobody walks you through what it does or how it works. With the second global mission being based solely on this feature, we figured it was time that we helped. Here’s our guide on how to use the QR Scanner and Island Scan in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

To use the QR Scan feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon just hit X and tap the option on the bottom screen. You now need a good QR code to scan. This Imgur album has pretty much any you could ask for, just hold R and point your camera at the QR code you want to scan. Scanning the Pokemon will add it to your Pokedex as if you encountered it without catching it. This can be helpful in finding them in Pokemon Sun and Moon, as the entry will now say where they can be found, such as a specific area or route.

That’s helpful, but what we really want are the 10 points that get added to the Island Scan. Getting to 100 points, either by scanning ten of the above QR codes, or just these special five that offer players double the usual points, will get you to 100 and enable Island Scan for use.

Press X to bring it up, but make sure you’re on the island you want to scan. Depending on your in-game location and the day, different Pokemon will appear. These are (via GameFAQS)…

Melemele Island – Cyndaquil
Akala Island – Gothita
Ula’ula Island – Rhyhorn
Poni Island – Eelektross

Melemele Island – Totodile
Aklala Island – Spheal
Ula’ula Island – Swinub
Poni Island – Conkeldurr

Melemele Island – Deino
Akala Island – Luxio
Ula’ula Island – Duosion
Poni Island – Togekiss

Melemele Island – Horsea
Akala Island – Honedge
Ula’ula Island – Roselia
Poni Island – Leavanny

Melemele Island – Klink
Akala Island – Venipede
Ula’ula Island – Staravia
Poni Island – Serperior

Melemele Island – Chikorita
Akala Island – Bellsprout
Ula’ula Island – Vigoroth
Poni Island – Samurott

Melemele Island – Litwick
Akala Island – Marill
Ula’ula Island – Axew
Poni Island – Emboar

Head to whatever island you want, then bring up the Island Scanner by going to QR Scan and hitting X. Hold R to scan and it will show you an outline of the Pokemon it found, with the location listed on the bottom. Go there and wander through the tall grass and the Pokemon will eventually attack you.

And that’s it for how to use the QR Scanner and Island Scan in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Hopefully this helps, especially with that second global mission. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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