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Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct Reveals Champion, Rival, and Other Characters

Take a look at some of the characters who will be accompanying you on your new adventure.

by Dylan Siegler


New Pokémon games mean new casts of characters for players to get to know on their journeys. Some of the characters coming to the upcoming Sword and Shield games were recently revealed in a Direct presentation.

The new characters revealed in the Direct include the Galar region’s Champion, the player’s rival, the region’s professor, the professor’s assistant, and a Gym Leader. The Galar region’s Champion is a strong and charismatic trainer named Leon who has never lost an official match.


The rival this time around is a trainer named Hop, who begins his Pokémon journey at the same time as the player, and just so happens to be the younger brother of Champion Leon. In the Direct, Hop is described as “one of your rivals,” so perhaps there will be more rivals to be introduced later.


The Galar region’s professor is Professor Magnolia. Since each region’s professor has their own specialty, Professor Magnolia specializes in studying the games’ new Dynamax feature.


Professor Magnolia will be accompanied by Sonia, her granddaughter and assistant who will help the player out through their journey.


Lastly, we were introduced to one of Galar’s Gym Leaders, Milo. Milo is the Grass-type Gym Leader who is known for his cheerful demeanor. Each Gym Leader in the Galar region has one Dynamax Pokémon on their team and Milo’s is one of the newly introduced Pokémon, the Grass-type Eldegoss.


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