New Pokèmon Revealed for Sword and Shield

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A brand new Pokèmon game is always exciting for fans of the long-running series. New gameplay mechanics and fresh environments to explore are some of the reasons, but the real treat are new Pokèmon to catch, train, battle, and evolve. With Pokèmon Sword and Shield serving as a whole new generation, we’re set to see a bunch of new characters added to the game. Today’s Pokèmon centered Nintendo Direct presentation broke down just a few of these new creatures, and here’s the details.

Wooloo was the first new Pokèmon to be revealed. Unfortunately we didn’t get much of the nitty gritty stats that fans really want, but we do know that people like to use Wooloo’s fur for various purposes. Next up was Gossifleur, which is a new flower character. This was also the first newly revealed Pokèmon to have an evolution shown off, changing into  Eldegoss. Given that this new form has seeds on its head, I’m betting there’s a third level evolution to come. For the more aggressive types Game Freak revealed Drednaw, “the bite Pokèmon”. A mechanical turtle sort of creature, this one has fan-favorite written all over it.


Taking a turn to more specifically useful characters, the next reveal was Corviknight, a dark bird that can be found flying around the wild areas of Pokèmon Sword and Shield. Corviknight acts as your default “Fly” character, taking you back to previously visited towns and areas as you request.

Finally, the presentation couldn’t end without showing the new Legendary Pokèmon you’ll find. Zacian looks to be the Sword Pokèmon and Zamazenta the Shield. These two were doing battle in the reveal trailer before some possible outside threat appeared and forced them together. Perhaps there’s something more going on here than just catching one Legendary per game.

We didn’t get many details about these new characters, but anything is better than the random speculation fans have been left with most of the time. Hopefully we get more on all these new characters, some additional reveals, and tons of info about the Legendary Pokèmon before the games arrive on November 15th for Nintendo Switch.

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