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When is Pokèmon Sword and Shield’s Release Date?

You don't have to wait too long.

by Kyle Hanson


In a presentation full of surprises, the end came with less shock and more smug acceptance that everyone kind of already knew when they’d be playing Pokèmon Sword and Shield. Fitting in with recent patterns, the global release date for the highly anticipated games hits right in the holiday season.

No matter where you live, you’ll be able to play Pokèmon Sword and Shield starting November 15th. You can buy each release individually or as part of a special double pack as seen above. The game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, marking the first time a new Pokèmon generation has hit the home console. Of course, the Switch is also a handheld, giving a good reason for the change. We’ve had the series on Switch for awhile thanks to the two Let’s Go titles, but Sword and Shield represent something totally new and different.

Whereas Let’s Go was a remake of the original Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow games, Sword and Shield are wholly original creations. This also means there will be new Pokèmon to find and catch, new gameplay mechanics to test out, and even a new co-op multiplayer mechanic that goes beyond what was seen in Let’s Go. These and all the other new stuff can be enjoyed starting November 15th.

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