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Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Have Free Camera Movement

The long awaited feature finally arrives.

by Alex Levine


The Pokemon Direct has come and gone, and while we were give a lot of information in that 15 minute video, the biggest addition to the franchise was also revealed. At long last, we will have Free Camera Movement when wondering around the open world, something that fans have been wanting for a long time.

The Pokemon Company as well as Game Freak both shared more information on some of the newer Pokemon we can expect to see in the game. This includes some interesting new types, as well as evolution’s. Still, the free camera movement is what had us going crazy as it not only gives us free reign to gander around the map, but also some more insight on the landscape so we can actually plan out our moments before we make them.

Their was a lot of new and exciting things that were announced during this Direct, but without a doubt, this was arguably one of the bigger ones. Oh yeah, and you can see the Pokemon in the wild before you battle them, which makes for an even easier go around this time. Finally, it was announced that the game will be launching on November 15, 2019 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch.

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