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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Let You Visit the Ultra Beast World

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Sun and Moon dealt a lot with the new Ultra Beasts and how they impacted the Alola region. Now, in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you’ll be able to visit the world that they came from by riding the back of your Legendary Pokemon. This also offers the first big hints of the larger, expanded story that you’ll experience in these new games, making them look closer to sequels than remixes.

Check out the trailer below to see all the new stuff featured in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The biggest news is that you’ll visit the world of the Ultra Beasts, which was only featured in passing in the original games. Now you’ll actually be able to go there and do battle with tons of Ultra Beasts, including some brand new ones. There also appears to be a whole new town called Ultra Megalopolis, which has been plunged into darkness by Necrozma.

Necrozma seems to be a big focus for these new games, after only appearing as a secret ending for Sun and Moon. We still are largely in the dark about the main plot of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and many players are still wondering how much fresh content they’ll provide, but this latest trailer offers the best hope yet that these will be big and new adventures in Alola.

Travel Beyond Alola in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!

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