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Popular DayZ Mod to become full game says creator

by William Schwartz


The Arma II DayZ mod is definitely an ambitious one. DayZ is a zombie-survival themed mod, that stresses the realism that the Arma franchise is known for, and its causing quite a buzz in the PC gaming world. The only problem is, its still a work in progress and being worked as a side project by its creator.

So what are the chances that DayZ is released as a standalone retail title? Pretty good as it turns out. In a recent interview with BeefJack, the creator of the DayZ mod believes that it’s “a certainty” for the future.

“It’s proven that it’s got legs, it’s incredibly able to make a heap of money, so I think yep, it’s a certainty. It’s just a question of when and by who,” said Dean Hall who works on the mod as a part time side project.

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