Possible Spoiler Revealed In A Captain America: Civil War Toy

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2016 is now officially here and with that comes another slate of movies ahead of us, including a good number of comic based films. Easily one of the biggest is that of Captain America: Civil War and if one toy reveal is any indication, the movie could be even bigger than we once thought.

With pretty much any action based movie property, you are going to find some sort of merchandise, especially if it is based off of a comic. Funko POP figures have become one of the biggest names in collecting, and of course Captain America: Civil War is getting a line.

After first announcing the line of figures that would be accompanying this movie, images of them are now out and one is in fact a special 6″ super sized POP for the very fitting Giant-Man.

For those that don’t know who Giant-Man is, he is actually another alter-ego for Ant-Man, whether it is Hank Pym or Scott Lang in the comics. Rather than growing smaller, he instead grows to be very large.


We had previously seen a LEGO set have Giant-Man in it, and with us knowing Ant-Man is in Captain America: Civil War, it would make sense that we could see Giant-Man as well.

The only issue here is that figures do not also equal them appearing in an actual movie. As pointed out by ComicBook.com, the Age of Ultron line included a Grey Hulk that while he was in the planning phases for the movie, never made it to the big screen, so this isn’t a confirmation for sure.

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