Potential Big Spoiler Revealed In Batman vs Superman Figure At Toy Fair

by Damian Seeto


Toy Fair in New York revealed a ton of cool action figures from upcoming movies and video games. One such reveal may have unveiled a big spoiler on what happens to a certain character in Batman vs Superman.

We don’t know what happens in Batman vs Superman as we have not seen it yet, but this figure could be a big spoiler. It goes without saying that you should not read the rest of this post if you hate getting spoiled. You have been warned. showed a picture of a certain character’s toy in Batman vs Superman and it kind of spoils what happens to him at the end of the movie.

The toy in question shows that Lex Luthor could go bald and he’s wearing prison clothes. This could be an indication that the character gets arrested after letting Doomsday on the loose and he also probably loses his hair during the experiment.

It could be a big spoiler to some, others may not think it’s that bad. Either way, it’s interesting they would reveal a toy like that so close to the release of Batman vs Superman. Toys can sometimes be misleading, but it doesn’t appear like this one reveals any false information.

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