Power Rangers Movie Finds Its Pink Ranger

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Power Rangers quickly became a phenomenon in the ’90s, playing a big part in the lives of children around the world. We learned last year that a Power Rangers reboot movie would be coming from Lionsgate and Saban Brands, and more than a year later we finally have our first official casting.

Power Rangers has hung around for over 20 years now through a number of series and with Hollywood’s recent love of reboots, it was obviously a good candidate for just that. The first castings would naturally be of the rangers themselves and after talk of people testing for the various roles, the Pink Ranger has been revealed.

As announced by the official PowerRangersMovie Instagram, Naomi Scott will be playing the role of the Pink Ranger in the upcoming movie. While they could always change the names, it is more than likely that she will be playing the role of Kimberly Hart, made famous by Amy Jo Johnson back in the day.

Naomi Scott recently was in the critically acclaimed and box office success The Martian and has previously been on the television series Terra Nova. She obviously is not a household name, but Power Rangers is the type of project that could propel her career forward in a big way.

With her being announced, one has to wonder if they will continue to make announcements each day or if these will be spread out as the actors sign on. Hopefully they have the rest on board and will make more announcements very soon.

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