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Prey’s PC Performance is Great According to Early Players

by Kyle Hanson


Prey is a great game. Don’t trust me? Check out our review where we called it “the perfect blend of thrilling action and thought provoking story.” We played the game on Xbox One, where the experience is usually fine tuned to the highest it can be on the hardware. But what about PC? We’ve seen in the past that PC releases can have performance problems, sometimes big ones. Well, according to those who’ve been playing the game, Prey’s PC performance is exceptionally solid.

This not only comes from some reviewers and other press, it also comes from the fans who have been sharing their thoughts on Steam. Early comments include things like “Runs really well so far, currently getting 130fps at 1440p with a 980ti.” And “Arkane + a game that runs smoothly on launch…turns out it can happen, thumbs up just for that.” And “Great Optimization. Maxed out with not a drop in framerate.” the consensus seems to be that even at high settings with a middle of the road machine, you can get some solid performance out of Prey.

So, if you were wondering whether or not you should buy Prey on PC, the answer seems to be a solid “yes”. It’s understandable why fans would be skeptical though. We’ve seen some really bad PC ports in the past, some of which were monstrously bad. Arkane hasn’t done anything as terrible as Batman: Arkham Knight, but Dishonored 2 was cited by many as a particularly rough port.

The team did iron out most of the issues via patches, but that early impression has stuck for some. It’s important to remember though that the two games are running on totally different engines. This likely played into Prey’s favor, with the overall stability of CryEngine being well known.

Prey is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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