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Pro gamers go hands-on with Halo 4, come away impressed

| April 27, 2012

Pro gamers go hands-on with Halo 4, come away impressed News Xbox  Xbox 360 Microsoft Halo 4

A couple of new offscreen images for Halo 4 has popped up, that have fans more excited than ever for the next installment of the franchise.  The images come from a special VIP event in NYC, where 343 Industries invited members of the MLG community to come and test drive Halo 4.

The second off-screen shot appears to be taken from Halo 4 multiplayer.  The early shots look great, even in their off-screen forms. Impressions of the pros sound promising.  MLG Pro Gamer KillaKC gave his impressions on his time with the game:

“First off, I had a lot of fun playing.  It felt like Halo.  Movement was really crisp and the aiming was solid.”

Halo 4 is due out exclusively for the Xbox 360 in November.

Update: It looks like the armor lock in the gallery images is indeed fake.


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  • Theodoreunit

    I am pretty sure that armour is NOT in H4 that image is doctored. Here is the original 

    • Theodoreunit

      Also Killa KC isn’t a pro gamer. We works on the gametypes settings for MLG titles

  • Allen

    People will say anything you want for a couple of G’s in their pocket

    • Argonian Man

      Maybe they actually think this is a good game because unlike you they don’t cry whenever one good thing is said about xbox or an xbox exclusive game.

    • Egg_Yellow89

      If the story was about
      “Pro gamers go hands-on with UC3, come away impressed”
      Would you say the same thing? Yeah I didnt think so.

  • Wow, I have to say, 343 Industries is doing an admiral job of continuing Halo.  It looks fantastic and apparently plays well too.  I’m definitely looking forward to an E3 demonstration this upcoming June :)

  • Avikumar Patel

    that in-game campaign screen looks godly.  that lighting.  :D 

  • platinumwarrior121

    Halo was the shit,then it died out maybe halo 4 can put some life back in the franchise


      Yeah so true

    • StormT

      It never died………Reach was fantastic……Í’ve got all episodes, two xbox 360’s and two widescreen full-hd monitors and when you compare them Reach is definitely the best version in Graphics and gameplay…….Multiplayer is the most tweakable of all episodes too.

      Anniversary was good, but just look around at 10-speed, the gun actually doesnt turn with the same speed……your aim does….it’s bizar, I didn’t notice that before….Reach plays much more solid…….

  • BeguiledTurnip

    im in nyc. i live here dammit!


    By pro gamers they mean fat virgins


      Uhhh no

  • Weird Stealth

    Wow, some one is a real ass and photoshoped armor lock into a image, and so many people fell for it, how sad.

  • Egg_Yellow89

    DAT GAME. Looks sexy.