Attack of the Fanboy

Project Natal to be renamed Wave. Maybe

by William Schwartz


Now Gamer alongside the other Pre-E3 predictions about Microsoft’s Project Natal may have learned from “a close source” that the motion controller might be named “Wave”. It’s quite possible that this “source close to” the gaming site may have been misinformed.  It’s possible that the name sticks but it comes a little to close to Microwave if you ask me.

This year millions of kids will wake up Christmas morning to a brand new Westinghouse 1000 Watt badboy with which they will know not what to do with.

Though, there is already a product in Microsofts stable named Wave.  An official website that Microsoft owns for news and development of new technology and products is called Microsoft Wave.

It’s almost a certainty that Microsoft will change the name of the new peripheral, but with Project Natal almost a household name as it is,  they shouldn’t change it if you ask us.

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