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PS Vita sales continue to slump in Japan

by William Schwartz


Since launching in late 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Vita has seen a dramatic slide in sales. After Nintendo handily trounced the new console during the holiday season in Japan, sales have continually dropped, week after week.

This week, the PS Vita hit a new low. The handheld failed to see 10,000 units, while the original PSP nearly doubled the sales of the Vita. The higher price point of the new console may be making people hesitant to become an early adopter in Japan. Nintendo who slashed the price of the 3DS in unprecedented fashion, is seeing success in the same time period, selling nearly 10x the amount of the PS Vita, and more than double of both the PS Vita and PSP, combined.

The Vita is a great piece of hardware, that’s without a doubt. It looks like Japanese gamers are going to need a push from Sony in the coming months if they want to ramp up sales of the handheld. Either a must have game for the mobile device, or a lower price point would do the trick.

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