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PS3 Console Bans Soon, New Firmware 3.60 Inbound

by Bill Hess


Sony has not released an official response to the recent PS3 jailbreak problem that has afflicted the console.  This weekend Slygamer contacted the Sony Technical Support Department and asked them some hard questions about the Jailbreak.

In the video/audio below, the gamer poses as a jailbreaker that claims he believes his device is jailbroken and needs advice on what to do about the situation.

The Sony representative tells him that he will be banned, and that he should “Buy a new Console”, before backtracking and telling him that he shouldn’t go online with the device or risk a permanent banning to both the console and the accounts associated with it.

Have a listen to the audio below, the representative also mentions that Sony will be issuing an update soon that will “fix” the problem.

PlayStation 3 Console Ban Audio?

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