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PS3 Version of Disney Infinity Locking Up

by William Schwartz


Disney Infinity, the ambitious new game developed by Avalanche Studios and one that reportedly costed $100 million to develop, has reportedly been experiencing problems on the PS3 version. There has been a thread on the Play Station message boards, and other users have gone to Twitter to report the same problem.

Mike Fahey, a reviewer for Kotaku, posted a video about Disney Infinity also locking up on his PS3, as did Stephen Totilo.

Disney has acknowledged the problem on the Disney Infinity Facebook page and listed the steps to try and ensure that the game does not lock up. According to Disney, the problem is related to the 1.01 patch on the PS3, not the game itself. According to Disney:

To remove the patch:
1. Go to the Game menu of the XMB
2. Open the Game Data Utility folder (near the top of the list)
3. Highlight the Disney infinity icon with the characters background (this is the patch)
4. Press the triangle button on the wireless controller
5. Select the delete option
6. When asked “are you sure you want to continue?”, select YES
Patch is now deleted.

To turn off network communication
1. Go to the Settings menu of the XMB
2. Open the Network Settings menu (last on the list)
3. Select Internet Connection
4. Highlight “Disable” and press the X button on the wireless controller
Network is now disabled

There are of course still two problems with removing the patch.

1. You need to refuse the patch frequently

If you are connected to the Internet, you will be prompted every few minutes to download the patch and if you press “X” you download the patch, and if you press “O” you cancel. Problem is, pressing “X” is needed to jump in Disney Infinity, so some users have been in mid-jump, only to accidentally accept downloading the patch. Cancelling the download then reverts you back to your last save.

2. No playing online

So long as you decline to “patch” the game, you will be unable to play others online or log onto PSN while playing Disney Infinity.

As of yet, no word on whether the WiiU or Xbox 360 versions have been experiencing the same problems.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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