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PS4 bundles are ready for pre-order on Amazon, again

by William Schwartz


After running out of their allotment due to high demand for the console, Amazon has apparently been given the go ahead to start taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 once again. The launch day bundles can be found on, and according to the company, these are guaranteed launch day consoles.

The PS4 bundles come in a number of varieties, players can pick up Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, or Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 Bundles, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how long these’ll last.

Retailers have been turning on and off the pre-order faucet since the Xbox One and PS4 were officially priced and confirmed for release later this year. Both consoles have seen intermittent availability at a number of retailers, and it’s unclear if there’s a real excess in demand, or if Sony and Microsoft are playing the marketing game.

Though it’s expected when all is said and done, those who don’t pre-order their systems may have a hard time finding one if waiting until the last day. The closer it gets to the holiday shopping season, the less likely these consoles will remain on store shelves.

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