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PS4 Digital Game Sharing Feature Revealed

by William Schwartz


With all the hoopla at E3 and the events leading up to Microsoft’s ultimate 180, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 teams have really avoided the issue of digital content, and the rights that consumers have with the software that they’ve purchased.  With just a couple weeks to launch, Sony has issued some clarification about their policies for digital sharing on the PlayStation 4.

Sure, you can share just like you used to share physical copies of games with friends, but if you download a game over the PlayStation Network things become a little bit cloudier.

PlayStation 4 players will need to designate a system as their “primary” console.  This is where your content is playable by any user, who can also enjoy any of the features of your PlayStation Plus account.  This policy sounds like it is in-line with what is currently working on the Xbox 360.   But, this account can be used on two systems at the same time.

For games that are downloaded digitally, only the account that downloaded it can play it.    Since you can also be logged into a secondary console, you can essentially have two games playing concurrently that are tied to your account.  You can also change which PlayStation 4 is your primary system, if needed.

You can find the full PlayStation 4 Primary FAQ here.

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