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PS4 Dominates Xbox One in Germany with Five Times the Consoles Sold in 2015

by Kyle Hanson


The PS4 is a sales juggernaut, almost no one can deny this. However, depending on the region, the disparity between the PS4 and its closest competitor, the Xbox One, can be quite different. The US is pretty close, for example, while Japan is a total PS4 blowout. Germany as well seems to be PlayStation territory, with new sales figures that put the PS4 well in the lead, both in lifetime sales, and for 2015 specifically.

According to figures supplied by Boeres Online, as shared on NeoGaf, the PS4 sold over 5 times as many consoles through 2015. The exact numbers were 1,400,000 PS4s to 270,000 Xbox Ones. This was just for the year though. As far as lifetime sales, the disparity is a bit smaller, but still extremely large. Since launching back in late 2013, the PS4 has sold 2,800,000 units while the Xbox One has shifted 600,000.

This 600,000 figure even puts the Xbox One behind the Wii U, which has largely been a sales disaster for Nintendo, despite some high critical praise for many of its titles. The holidays were a big part of the 2015 sales, with 570,000 PS4s being moved in just that time period, along with 110,000 Xbox Ones. It seems that an even larger percentage of Xbox One consoles were moved in this time frame, hinting that Microsoft’s bundles and lowered prices had an effect.

PlayStation has always had a great relationship with the European audience, and it seems that that has continued this generation with the PS4. If Microsoft hopes to catch up they’ll need to pull some really big moves in the area, or cede it to Sony for the next few years.

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