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Will the PS4 have a Dual Shock Move Controller?

by William Schwartz


There is very little known about what’s coming next from Sony with the PlayStation 4. Some think that the company will hold back on raw tech with the PlayStation 4, and look to take an approach more similar to what Nintendo did with it’s Wii U.

A patent that was published back in 2011 that was recently uncovered, may hold the key to what Sony is cooking up for its next generation offering. The patent specifies a new breed of Dual Shock controller, one that is a “Hybrid Seperable Motion Controller”. The patent describes the hybrid controller as one that features a magnetometer, accelerometer, speaker, with the functionality of breaking apart into two separate controllers.

While it’s entirely possible that this is a plan for the PlayStation Move that didn’t quite come to fruition for the PlayStation 3, it wouldn’t be a complete shot in the dark to assume that Sony would want to carry forward their PlayStation Move technology into their next-gen offering. The PlayStation Move has been widely regarded as the best motion control experience for “core” titles, giving developers more freedom to explore traditional gameplay mechanics with the device.

It’s been widely speculated at this point that Sony is indeed readying a next-generation system for a reveal and release in 2013, though the company has yet to confirm any formal details about said hardware.

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