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PS4 Exclusive Days Gone is Unlike Other Open-World Games

by Kyle Hanson


Days Gone was one of the many showstoppers at the Sony E3 2016 press conference. The game, which reminded many of The Last of Us and other post-apocalyptic zombie titles, began showing its uniqueness partway through the extended gameplay demo. A swarm of zombies, called “Freakers” in Days Gone, showed up and began to give chase. What really blew the audience away though was when this horde was shown to be but a small part of the massive threat, with hundreds, if not thousands of Freakers wandering nearby, all of which began chasing after the main character.

Days Gone is a dangerous world — always

This is a sign of what makes Days Gone different from other open world titles. According to creative director Ron Allen, the game presents players with something they haven’t encountered in other open world action games before, a totally dangerous world. “In most open world games, when there’s danger, it’s usually because you’ve brought it on yourself. Days Gone is a dangerous world — always.”

This comes from the official PlayStation Blog, where Allen then goes in-depth on certain aspects of the game. A big talking point is Days Gone’s protagonist, who is firmly established as an anti-hero by both the E3 demo, and all the info we’ve gotten afterward. “Pretty much any of the survivors of the pandemic had to have a certain something about them — the appropriate skills to steal, kill and survive in a harsh world,” explains Allen. “He’s a dangerous guy. He’s using his skills where he can — his appetite for violence and mayhem help him excel at his job.”

There’s a lot more discussed, including the importance of crafting. “He can find things out in the field and create better tools. For example, you’ll see he’s actually threaded the barrel of his pistol with the same thread pattern as an oil filter, so if he finds oil filters out in the world he can screw them on and it’ll allow him a couple of suppressed shots.”

Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive. We do not currently have a release date.

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