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PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Reveals New Dinosaur Types From Concept Art

| July 31, 2015

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Reveals New Dinosaur Types From Concept Art News  Horizon: Zero Dawn

Some new concept art has now been revealed for Horizon: Zero Dawn that takes a look at a two different dinosaur types.

The concept art comes courtesy of Edge Online. The game is on their cover for September 2015. The cover shows more of the Tyrannosaurus Rex style robot we saw at E3 2015.

As for the new concept art shown for Horizon: Zero Dawn, we actually have a look at two different robotic dinosaurs. In the foreground are small looking “Compy” looking dinosaurs. They have spotlights for eyes and appear to be hunting in packs.

It’s possible these small dinosaurs could be an annoyance to kill. If they act like the Compy dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park games, they will be very annoying as they like to ambush you.

In the background we take a look at a very tall looking robotic dinosaur. It’s tall like a Brontosaurus or a Brachiosaurus. However other than the height, it looks very different as it has a disc for a head for some reason. It’s like a UFO landed on its face and replaced the real head.

Anyway, it’s great to see how creative Guerilla Games have been with the design of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Hopefully we will see even more epic gameplay from this PS4 exclusive later this year.

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  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Seriously…….people need to do their research.

    If the article writer had watched the e3 reveal (which had both dinosaurs in the concept art in) he’d know that the small dinosaurs are like look outs that alert the rest of the dinosaurs to alloys presence.

    Not a lot of info on the larger dinosaur in the background other than they are not aggressive.

    Get your shit together AotFB

    • GooeyLouis

      I did my research. This game is made by a studio known for mediocrity.

      • Country Boy Lucifer


        • JCheezy

          Here’s a list of games I just bought him. Let me know whatcha think.

          Alien Isolation, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Dragon Age Inquistion, Destiny Limited Edtion, Far cry 4. Final Fantasy X/X-2 Limited edition, Killzone Shadow Fall, Metro Redux, The Last of Us, Wolfenstein, and Watch Dogs!!!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Missing bloodborne but everything else is cool.

            like i say Download DC universe online as well, it’s great and free.

            Theres a lot of good free to play titles, check them out in the store

      • XbotMK1

        Kind of like 343 studios, Turn 10, and Nintendo. Hell, Black Tusk studios (the guys making Gears 4) have never made a game before.

        At least Guerrilla Games knows how to innovate and develop new concepts, unlike the 343, Turn 10, and Nintendo rehash and recycle machines.

        • The PC Master Race

          Nintendo has more innovation in it’s left finger than Sony’s shitty studios will ever have in their lifetime, John Derp.

  • TheManWithABigToe

    Only game that was revealed at Sony’s Conference that even remotely looks good.

    • Tooty

      You mean to you. Sony won E3 remember…I swear xbots are the dumbest bunch of self entitled douche bags on earth

      • TheManWithABigToe

        Wow! It doesn’t get worse than a Sony Pony and what did Sony really show to supposedly “win” E3?

        • XbotMK1

          What did Microsoft show besides another generis shooter, a CGI trailer for Recore, an over rated yearly rehashed racer, and a very disapointing demo of the outdated Gears franchise?

          What did Nintendo show?

          • JCheezy

            It’s pretty obvious what kind of clown you are. Just stop trying because it’s pretty embarrassing reading your trash.

          • The PC Master Race

            Nintendo showed games

            Sony showed movies and a kickstarter.

      • ?????

        More subjective arguments, marketer. :^)

      • JCheezy

        Lol. Sony didn’t even come close to winning. Are you serious or were you trying to be funny? Either way…..FAIL

  • GK15

    THIS is the type of game that finally makes me want to buy a PS4. Not re-releases, not indies, not 1080p vs 900p upscaled. Not a marketing deal for a third party game. This. And also Uncharted 4.

    Will be picking up next year.

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