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PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Gets Unique Pre-order Bonus

by Damian Seeto


PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is getting a very unique pre-order bonus from one retailer from New Zealand.

Normally pre-order exclusives offer you something like a special gun or level. More tangible items can include a statue or pieces of artwork. You’ll never guess the pre-order bonus offered for Until Dawn.

Online retailer Mighty Ape has listed a very unique pre-order offer for the game. You will be getting an “Until Dawn Ice Tray“.

This looks to be an exclusive to Mighty Ape. It doesn’t appear as if any other retailer in the world is offering the ice tray as a bonus for the game.


It’s an ice tray with the title of the game itself engraved. You could make ice cubes as the shape of the game’s logo. It looks very unique for sure, although many gamers might not find much use for it.

It’s also worth mentioning this listing is called the Until Dawn Extended Edition. This version of the game comes with a bonus DLC chapter. It promises to offer the same type of scares as the main game.

Until Dawn is a horror game, although it’s choice based like Heavy Rain. Every action you make can branch off to different outcomes and so forth. The game will be out in August exclusively on PS4.

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