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PS4 Is Outselling Xbox One By 4:1 In Germany

by Mike Guarino


The timing of this latest console sales news from Germany is very timely considering this was Gamescom week, but it nonetheless reveals some pretty interesting sales figures for the current generation of consoles. While Sony has regularly been the top-seller over Microsoft in the US, the sales gap that is going on in Germany is even wider.

It was revealed by a German outlet (translated by NeoGAF) that the PlayStation 4’s lifetime sales in Germany are currently sitting at around 3.2 million, whereas the lifetime Xbox One sales are currently sitting at around 710,000. This even puts it behind the Wii U in terms of lifetime sales, with that console’s lifetime sales numbers being 750,000. That console did get a year’s head start, though.

The sales numbers for the current year also don’t point to any signs of things changing, as PlayStation 4 is on top with 460,000, Xbox One follows with 105,000 and Wii U sits at the bottom with an estimate of around 60,000.

Despite the Xbox One lagging behind the PlayStation 4 in Germany, the console was able to top the PlayStation 4 in the month of July in the US. Also, with the recent release of the Xbox One S it looks like this recent success could be continuing for awhile.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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