Attack of the Fanboy

PS4 owners will get free trials of PS Plus, Music Unlimited, and Wallet Credits

by William Schwartz


The PlayStation 4 launches in less than a week.  Yes, we are on the precipice of the next generation.  When PlayStation 4 buyers get their consoles home, they’ll find that Sony has included a few freebies to help them get started in using the PlayStation Plus service, Sony’s new Music Unlimited initiative, and free wallet credits that can be put towards anything on the PlayStation Store.

That means for the first thirty days, you’ll get to test drive the premium features in PlayStation Plus across all of your PlayStation devices.  The Music Unlimited trial will let you access millions of songs in Sony’s catalog for thirty days.  And the $10 in free cash on the PlayStation Store can be put towards any of the new games for the new console that are sold on the online marketplace.

While you’ll likely be excited to get this console out of the box and hooked up, make sure you don’t miss the voucher giving you access to these free features.   It’s worth noting though, if you’ve already had a subscription to the PlayStation Plus or Music Unlimited in the past, you won’t be able to use this trial to extend or restart your membership.

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