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PS4 Remote Play Now Available for iOS Devices

Ever wanted to play PS4 games on your iPhone?

by Dylan Siegler


PS4 Remote Play is an app that basically allows people to play their PlayStation 4 on other devices, such as PC or Mac computers or Android devices. Now, the app is available for iOS devices as well.

Earlier today (March 7), it was announced that as part of today’s 6.50 PlayStation 4 update, players will now be able to stream their PS4 games to their iPhones and iPads via the newly iOS-compatible PS4 Remote Play app. Those interested can download the free PS4 Remote Play app from their iPhone or iPad’s app store, as long as the device they’re using can support the app. It is recommended that the device you use be running iOS 12.1 or later, as well as using an iPhone 7, 6th Generation iPad, or 2nd Generation iPad Pro or newer models. You will also need the latest PS4 software update, a PlayStation Network account, and a home Wi-Fi network (the PS4 Remote Play app will not work if you’re just connected to the mobile network).

When using the app, the screen that would normally appear on the TV your PS4 is plugged into will be streamed to your device, with an on-screen controller allowing you to control the console from your phone or tablet. You will be able to join voice chats using your device’s microphone, use your device’s keyboard to enter text, and, of course, play PS4 games on your device. Note, however, that some games may not be compatible with the app and that when playing games on a device, you will have to use the on-screen controls, as the DualShock 4 controller is not compatible with the app.

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