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PS4 System Update 4.00 Is Now Available

by Dean James


One of the really neat aspects of modern gaming consoles is the ability to have their firmware updated to provide new features that have been requested. We learned that the PS4 4.00 update was coming today and now it is officially available.

As we told you yesterday, this update has a number of new features, including one that was just announced as coming as part of 4.00 during the PlayStation Meeting last week alongside the reveal of the PS4 Pro.

That feature is the addition of HDR support, which will be available on PS4 Pro at launch as well, but can now be downloaded on any regular PS4 model.

In addition, the biggest request by gamers that is coming in the PS4 4.00 system update is that of folders, which will finally let you organize everything on your console. This was very helpful on the PS3 and is bound to help the setup of the PS4 immensely.

These are the biggest of the brand new features, but this update is meant to make the PS4 run even more efficently than before as well. This is done with a UI refresh and the updated Quick Menu that we’ve told you about before, the latter of which lets you access music much easier.

To see some of these new features in action, you can check out the video below that was released by PlayStation show off the 4.00 update.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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