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Is the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 the best?

by William Schwartz


DICE was showing Battlefield 4 to convention attendees at Gamescom in Cologne. The Battlefield 4 Gamescom demo was running on the PlayStation 4 hardware, and pushing all that 60 FPS goodness. But according to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, who put the game through its paces at the show, the improved DualShock could give Battlefield 4 a leg up on the competition, or at least a better experience than the PS3.

The DualShock 4 gives a precise and tactile feel when firing in Battlefield 4

According to a Sony representative who got hands on with the Dualshock and Battlefield 4: “The overhauled L2 and R2 triggers wrap snugly around your index fingers and respond crisply to every input, giving a satisfyingly precise and tactile feel as you fire your weapons. In the build I played, L1 and R1 handled grenades and a radial command menu, respectively. Tapping down on the PS4’s refined directional pad cycled through weapon firing modes (semi-auto, burst fire, and fully automatic fire), while tapping left deployed class-specific equipment such as the Engineer’s RPG.”

While it’s hard to imaging a person that works for Sony being very critical of their products, it’s still nice to hear that one of the most popular shooters coming to market feels good on the refined controller. For a lot of people, the controller is a deciding factor in purchasing a console. Sony has said that they put a lot of effort into making the new Dual Shock better for playing shooters, and it sounds like they’ve hit the mark. We got a chance to get hands on with the Battlefield 4 back at E3 2013, and that demo was assumed to be on a PC but using an Xbox One controller. There were very little differences to be found between the Xbox 360 controller and the new one, according to our report.

So why the change heading into Gamescom from DICE? Is it just as simple as the PlayStation being more popular in Europe than in the United States? Was DICE just playing to the convention audience? Or is there a deeper meaning here? Following the announcement by Microsoft that they would be missing the 2013 launch window in a number of countries, including Sweden, DICE was vocal about the move, claiming that Microsoft was making it easy for people to choose the PS4. It looks like they got swayed as well, at least for their demo that is.

So why do you think DICE decided to show the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 at Gamescom? Are you looking forward to playing the shooter on the new Dualshock?

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