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Battlefield 4 devs say Microsoft is making it easy to choose PS4

by William Schwartz


It recently came to light that the Xbox One would be missing its projected 2013 launch in a number of different countries.  One of those countries is Sweden, home of DICE, the creators of Battlefield 4.  While the delay is only pushing the system into early 2014, DICE had some for Microsoft in response to the delay.

Alan Kertz, gameplay designer on Battlefield 4 says that Microsoft is making it easy for people to pick the PS4.

“I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden.”  Though Kertz wasn’t the only developer to chime in on the delay.  Gustav Halling also offered his thoughts.  “Not sure what Xbox is thinking when not launching in a progressive country like Sweden, we always buy what is hot and that will be PS4.”

Microsoft didn’t really explain what had led them to delays in some countries.  Perhaps they are trying to absolutely saturate the areas where they know they have the best chance of selling a lot of consoles.  They haven’t said that, but North America certainly wasn’t crossed off of the list.  You can find the full breakdown of who’s in, and who’s out, for a 2013 release on the Xbox One.

Battlefield 4 arrives in late-October on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  A next generation version is due when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive.

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