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Xbox One delayed in some markets

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has announced that their plans to launch the Xbox One in 21 markets around the world this holiday season may have been a little too ambitious. According to a post on the Xbox Newswire, Microsoft is delaying the release of the Xbox One in some markets.

Those affected by the delay will be Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland. The company says that they remain committed to launching the console “as soon as possible” in 2014.

Microsoft’s new launch territories are: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand.

“While we wish we could launch Xbox One simultaneously in these markets, there are many factors that determine the timing of specific market launches. This includes work to localize the Xbox One dash, incorporate additional voice and languages, and build partnerships to bring apps and meaningful local content to each country.”

The Xbox One still does not have a concrete release date in any market, but the company has said that a 2013 release is on the cards.

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