PSA: Longtime Rock Band DLC Sale Ends On Monday Ahead Of Rock Band 4 Release

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Rock Band 4 is almost here after years of thinking the series may be gone for good. Across the first three main releases in the series, there has been a ton of DLC songs released, and at some point most of these songs for discounted. However, with the Rock Band 4 about to release, that discount is coming to an end.

At some point awhile back, in the time where there was no more DLC being released, Harmonix discounted basically all songs that released for Rock Band and Rock Band 2, though Rock Band 3 specific DLC was left out. Those songs in fact were marked down to the excellent $1 each, making it much easier to build up your collection.

With Rock Band 4 releasing on Tuesday and the DLC being compatible with that game, the long sale is finally over starting on Monday, with prices jumping to $1.99.

The reason given by Harmonix for this end of the DLC sale is that they’ve had the “awesome and incredibly busy task of adding Rock Band 4 gameplay features (like Freestyle Guitar Solos and Dynamic Drum Fills) to our legacy DLC.

It is kind of surprising that the price did not go up before now, but it at least gives you a last chance to take advantage before it ends upon the release of Rock Band 4. Just remember that you can only transfer DLC from PS3 to PS4 and Xbox 360 to Xbox One, but not one console family to the other.

For those interested in this sale, the full list of songs on sale, along with sales on tracks packs, can be found right here in the PDF file provided by Harmonix.

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