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PSA: Overwatch’s Free Play Weekend On PS4 & Xbox One Is Going On Right Now

by Dean James


Overwatch may seem like it has been out for longer than it really has due to a long open beta period, but the full game release has only been out about three and a half months now. The game has been a massive success so far and now those that have missed out have an opportunity to give the game a try.

We told you last week about how Overwatch was going to be having a free play weekend coming up for both PS4 & Xbox One and that time is now here for both platforms.

For those that have been interested in the game but have been hesitant to pay full price for the game without trying out, you can download the full Overwatch experience right now on both PS4 and Xbox One, though PC is left out sadly. This is not a demo like version either, as it gives you access to every character, every map, and every game type.

PS4 owners can fire this free trial up right away and play without even a PS Plus membership, which is typically required to play online on PS4. However, Xbox One owners are not so lucky as you will have to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to play Overwatch for free this weekend.

This free trial will run through Monday, September 12 at 7:00 pm ET, so make sure that you get as much time as you can out of it while it is free this weekend.

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