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PSN Downtime Compensations Heading Out This Week

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Just over a week ago Sony’s PlayStation Network service went down once again. These sorts of outages have happened on occasion, with some periods lasting longer than others. This was one of the longer ones, especially when compared to more recent PSN outages. Due to this, Sony quickly issued a statement saying that subscribers to PS Plus and other PSN reliant services would receive some sort of compensation for the outage.

That compensation is planned to hit subscribers this week, though no specifics were given as to what they should expect. From the announcement, it seems like they’ll be getting free extensions for the subscription, with PS Plus, PlayStation Now, and video rentals being mentioned specifically.

“PSN update: check your email starting this week for details on extensions for PS Plus, PS Now, and video rentals for active accounts,” reads the tweet sharing the info. Many have been asking if the “active account” that it mentions covers accounts that were active at the time of the outage, or only those that are currently active. This distinction would be the difference between everyone who was impacted getting an extension, and leaving out those whose accounts expired in the last week.

Either way, it is nice to see subscribers compensated for the downtime. We’ve seen compensations issued before, but usually for outages that last multiple days. As this one only lasted a few hours, rather than multiple days, many weren’t expecting something like this from Sony. However, it did hit extremely broadly, impacting all PSN users worldwide, so perhaps Sony is hoping to satisfy everyone with this bit of help.

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