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PSN Down Again – PS4, PS3, and Vita Hit With Major Outage

by Kyle Hanson


Update: All services have been restored.

Original Story: For the second time in just a couple of days PSN is down, bringing many functions of Sony’s PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems to a halt. The outage from a few days ago only lasted a few hours and impacted a couple of features, but today’s seems much more widespread. All services are currently listed as down on Sony’s official PSN Status page, and the outage seems to have spread to all platforms that rely on PSN for connectivity.

What this means for you is that you can probably only play totally offline games. Digital games will likely be more easily impacted, but if you have it already downloaded, it will likely allow you to play, as long as the game doesn’t do any sort of online check-in. And, of course, any PSN online functionality will not work, such as multiplayer or downloading new DLC.

There was no scheduled maintenance for this time, and we have so far heard nothing from any official PlayStation account. This outage could be over quickly, or it could drag on for a while, depending on what the problem is. Once we get any sort of official word on what’s going on we will update this post, so keep checking back so see when you can expect to get back on PSN. (Update: The official Ask PlayStation account has tweeted out “We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.”)

PSN has remained up most of the time as of late, though there was a period of a few months a couple of years ago where it had major outages quite often. Microsoft’s Xbox Live has had similar troubles before, and has been a bit more stable than PSN lately, though that could change at any time.

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