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PSN Is Down Right Now Again

by Damian Seeto


This seems to be a common occurrence as the PSN is down for many gamers currently right now.

There is supposed to be scheduled maintenance for the PSN this coming Monday, but not during the weekend. There is little to no information on the topic right now, but a lot of users around the world are having problems with the PSN right now.

The PSN has been playing up and has been down several times during the past two months. This was mainly because of the DDOS attacks that were done by The Lizard Squad. It’s unknown yet what this current issue is about, as the group’s Twitter page has now been suspended. We don’t know what the actions of the group are now presuming they are still around.

Not to mention games such as Driveclub and NBA 2K15 are still having server issues. For the case of NBA 2K15, this is also a problem plaguing Xbox players too. For Driveclub however, the game’s servers are still inconsistent for many PS4 owners.

Hopefully Sony addresses the PSN issues soon as it has been down a lot recently. It was only just last week that the whole PSN was down for around 2 hours or so. Hopefully this current issue doesn’t last too long. As always, we will update you when the info comes.

Update: It appears the PSN is back online for the majority of users now. Many people experienced problems just a few hours earlier today.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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