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Update (It’s Back Online) : PSN Seems To Be Down Again

by Damian Seeto


Several people have noticed right now that the PSN is down once again. This appears to be a wider issue than the incident that happened last week.

It’s early days right now, but many people on Twitter are complaining that the PSN service is down. This seems to be affecting a lot of people in Europe right now, although it looks like it could be down worldwide yet again. The Ask PlayStation twitter page has not updated on the situation yet since it’s early, but we’ll try our best to update this story when more details develop. I live in New Zealand and it seems to be down from my end too.

Hacker group The Lizard Squad have caused havoc in the past, but it’s unknown if this incident has anything to do with them. The group looks to have deleted their official Twitter page so nobody knows what they are doing right now. They took down servers for several games over the weekend, so it’s possible they could be responsible.

Again, we will try and update you on the situation when more details comes our way. But so far, a lot of people worldwide cannot seem to log into the PSN as of time of writing. If you are having problems, don’t worry as it looks like it’s a worldwide issue now.

Update: The PSN seems to be back online. I managed to log in using my PS Vita. Other have noticed it come back too.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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