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PSN Still Down, Feel Bad For Those That Already Owned A PlayStation 4

by William Schwartz


While it seems easy to write off those who already owned a PS4, the holidays are still a major time for the loyal PlayStation Nation. I personally received a HDD upgrade from Santa in way of my girlfriend who was nice enough to purchase one for myself.

Due to the Lizard Squad down-time, I am unable to upgrade my HDD since it requires 2.03 and 2.02 is the only update available and PlayStation Network is unable to update the available System Update Available on the store to fans. I am not the only one with this issue as many others have had tips not to upgrade your HDD while the PSN is down. Little did I know, that this is very serious. So upon contacting PSN Customer service yetserday, I am stuck in limbo until PSN is up again.

So if you planned on upgrading your HDD for the New Year, hold off until the PSN is up and running like normal again.

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