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PUBG on Xbox One Patch 11 Live With Performance Fixes and more

by C.J. Keller


The latest patch for PUBG on Xbox One has arrived.  Patch 11 adds performance updates, inventory changes, some bug fixes, and one gameplay tweak.  While PUBG on Xbox One has been nothing short of a glorious dumpster fire in terms of performance on the console, this latest patch brings texture changes to the game that, according to PUBG Corp, should improve graphical performance.  Vehicles have also been patched to improve framerate.  The latest patch should also reduce game crashes according to the patch notes.

Firing up the game after implementing Patch 11, you’ll also see that the inventory screen has changed to add focal points, with a clearer button guide and tooltips.  The way that weapons and attachments has also been tweaked.  Players can now change the focus and select by using the D-pad.  Quick Scrolling has also been implemented by using the LT/RT button.

On the gameplay front, not much has changed.  When riding in the plane, you’ll now be able to see how many players have yet to jump.

A couple of other previous bugs have been squashed in Patch 11.  Phantom footsteps that some players were hearing have been fixed, and a fix to the blue zone has been implemented to make it display correctly.

There’s still plenty of work to go for PUBG on Xbox One, but it’s proven to be a popular game.  The last tally for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One was 5 million players which Microsoft announced about a week ago.

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